"Abstraction" Scarf

"Abstraction" Scarf

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These chic, eco friendly scarves are unique fashion statements based on my own original watercolor artwork. They are luxuriously soft and drape beautifully, like natural silk, and very breatheable. From their wonderful feel, you would never guess that they are made from the pulp of beech trees, also known as “Modal” or “botanical silk.” The botanical origin means that the fabric is much more eco-friendly than material derived from silk worms. The beech trees are sustainably harvested and the company that produces them from my art is committed to being zero waste.

Also, a portion of the proceeds goes to elevating women in other countries by either financial empowerment on literacy programs. Wow! I love that!

These designs were a delight to paint. As with all of my various products (kitchen towels, clutch bags, table cloths, and now face masks), the scarves all feature my own original watercolor art, and have both a modern and timeless feel.

I live in California and find that these scarves are a perfect weight to wear year round here. The botanical fibers provide some warmth in the winter, yet I can wear them comfortably even upwards of 90 degrees in the summer. Pair them with a simple dress year round for a dressier look or top your blue jeans/white t shirt look for a great pop of color. Most important is to let it feel natural. Have fun just throwing it on and make a unique fashion statement! This is not a mass market product, so you are very unlikely ever to see anyone else wearing one! 

Dimensions: 28” by 78” (approximate).

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