Recipe for Loving Kindness!

Recipe for Loving Kindness!

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. It's amazing how quickly we adjust to the situation at hand - Covid 19. Human beings have a stunning innate ability to adapt. But it's not been easy at all!!!!

My hope is that while we are adapting, we will still take the global opportunity/invitation to change to heart. I hope more people will implement ways to help our planet. I hope we will remember the richness of the moment and the importance of human kindness.

I wanted to highlight my organic cotton tea towel 'Recipe for Loving Life'. My sister and I wrote this together and it really sums up how we both feel about the need for love, gratitude, goodness and a letting go. Every word has a special meaning. I hope it will be a loving reminder and inspire you to be in the moment and to sip savor and love. 

May you all stay well! 



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