About Us

SIP – Seriously Imbibed Products – is a unique organic cotton textile company. SIP's Wine Country Lifestyle inspired designs have met with resounding enthusiasm in wineries and boutique shops all across the USA.  

Why 'seriously imbibed products'? We love the word 'seriously'! At SIP it means ‘no kidding and with passion'! 'Imbibed' means assimilate, absorb, consume...

We loved this definition:

To absorb or take in as if by drinking. "The whole body ... imbibes delight through every pore" (Henry David Thoreau)

SIP is a boutique company, a startup, a cottage industry, call it what you will. It is strategically placed to be a niche within a niche: wine related designs for both wine enthusiasts and Wine Country nature lovers. We are ethically sustainable, high-end, designer inspired, committed to making work fun, and above all dedicated to the meaning behind our name.

Indulge but savor. Fully taste what life is bringing in the moment. Sip, don’t gulp or guzzle. Fill your life with delight in each moment! SIP SAVOR LOVE! This philosophy is time tested: Living in the now makes for richness in all ways.

We want to excite you with stunning modern designs, please you with competitive pricing, gain your confidence with our experience, and encourage you to sip SIP!

Wishing you the best cheers, Sláinte, Salut, Skål, Cin Cin

Julia and the SIP team

BESPOKE DESIGNS AVAILABLE                      For more information call: 925 899 1240