"Lemon Dance" Table Topper
"Lemon Dance" Table Topper

"Lemon Dance" Table Topper

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A whimsical, modern, unique square Table Topper/Table Scarf/Picnic Cloth/Small Tablecloth with a classic twist! Design is entirely my own original artwork which is then scanned and printed in a high quality production process. Features include:

Size 26” x 26”. 100% high grade organic cotton. Beautifully mitered corners. Fun tassels adorn one corner. Natural and long lasting dyes so the colors do not fade after many washings. Color safe.

Delightfully fresh and fun colors: Aqua, Olive Green, Lemon Yellow, Bark Brown with touches of Cherry Red.

Use for a quick throw picnic cloth, to cover a small table, or as a table topper (aka table scarf) for a larger table.

These table toppers also make great bridal shower gifts, wedding favors, housewarming or hostess gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, etc.

I always love to paint lemons! They are so simple but maybe just dipping my brush into the happy yellow is what makes me smile. I'm really delighted with the color combo on this too. It is bright and cheerful but because of the simplicity of the lemon it still feels a little classic. The red accent corner tassels give it a 'zing'. This is a relatively new design but already popular. Stay tuned too as it is soon to be a tea towel.

My company motto can be seen on many of my products and it is: Sip Savor Love. Each day can feel richer when we make this positive focus part of our daily intention. May your days feel inspired!A whimsical modern design with a classic twist!

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