Fall is in full swing!

Fall is in full swing!

SIP has had a busy summer. It's been a great time for designing both new art and new products. We've added two new towels: Loving Life and Chase Beauty 2.

We have also added a great new indoor/outdoor pillow called Blooming Hills. It actually sold out so quickly we have had to reorder.

On top of that, we have added a happy new tote bag - called Jungle. We all know it's a jungle out there and never a better time than now to load this tote with a bottle of wine, bread and cheese, a SIP picnic cloth and whatever else you need for a spontaneous happy hour picnic. 

Speaking of picnics - we have added 5 designs for picnic squares - aka table scarves. Here's a photo of the one called 'Flow'.

Finally - to help us stay in the moment (to sip savor love), we have added four happy designs for clutch bags. With high end zippers and leather accents, these bags are there to make you look fashionably cool while intentionally zipping away worries and distractions. They are lovingly called the DeClutch Clutch. Time to 'let go' and live fully present in the moment. Hope you like our new offerings! Best cheers!

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