"Prowl" Kitchen Towel

"Prowl" Kitchen Towel

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Unique Modern Kitchen Towel - Functional Art for Your Kitchen! Design is entirely my own original artwork which is then scanned and printed in a high quality production process. Features include:
Super size 20” x 30”. 100% high grade organic cotton. Beautifully mitered corners and thoughtful hanging loop. Natural and long lasting dyes so the colors do not fade after many washings. Color safe. Colors: navy, taupe, aqua, red, orange, chartreuse, grey and periwinkle blue.

This design - PROWL - is a combination of two pieces of art. The leopard was done as a pen and ink while the flowers were all watercolor. I call it Prowl. Where I live we do have Mountain Lions and I've actually seen three in the wild. While this was thrilling - it was also a little scary. We have encroached so much on wildlife and it surprises me when we seem so surprised to see that they live here too!!!

What magnificent creatures cats are. May we live together - in harmony.

This towel is 100% functional for drying dishes (or hands) but many of my customers press it and frame it so it could be wall art too. It can also be attached with a simple sleeve onto something like a bamboo rod and then hung to cover electrical boxes and other not so beautiful things.

These tea towels also make great bridal shower gifts, wedding favors, housewarming or hostess gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, etc.

May your days feel inspired! 

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