It's different times right now for sure but such an opportunity to individually and collectively shine!

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The one thing we all know is that life just has a way of happening and there's nothing we can do about it. If only we knew at birth that the experience of being human is filled with uncertainty. Then maybe it would be easier to meet whatever comes our way with a different attitude and not always fall into fear!!!

In today's times, we can't (yet) control this virus but we can control our fear and choose to focus as much as possible on the positive. We can allow a situation to floor us or see it as a wonderful opportunity to challenge ourselves both individually and collectively to shine.

May you all stay well. May your fear lessen and may you find space to still be amazed with all the majesty the world has to offer.

Wishing you love, peace and good hand washing habits!

xoxoxo Julia

Please note - all SIP sales events are cancelled until the end of April. If you would like anything from my store please go to:

If you call me directly I can offer better shipping rates. 925 899 124

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