The saving grace of cooking together!

The saving grace of cooking together!


2021 is well underway and I think we are all hoping it's a better year than the last! We all scrambled to make the most of finding new normals in 2020. One of the hardest things for me was that a trip of a lifetime (both business and pleasure) which included picking up my daughter in London and then spending 3 weeks in India got cancelled. So often life has other plans!

It's now been 20+ months since we have seen our daughter. Weekly zoom cooking sessions with my husband and her husband became our new normal. We prepared mostly vegan recipes, ate together (their dinner - our lunch) and chatted. It was a lot of fun and a light point for each week!!! Here's this weeks recipe from the New York Times. It was delicious!!! *recipe below* shown on my Breeze picnic cloth/table topper.

While there is no replacement for being in person I'd like to say three cheers to ZOOM!!! The ability to connect virtually has helped so many world wide. From zoom happy hours, to painting sessions, to group meditation - may you find many ways to get creative with this wonderful app. I can even set up a zoom to show you product!

Until we can all meet again in person - happy zooming! 


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