SIP Brand.....not corporate!

Brand Gift Hand Painted Kitchen Towels SIP Stores Wine Country Wineries

One of the things we discovered during our selling spree in Wine Country is the different approach Wineries and Gift Shops. How they interact with their customers and present their products. Many of the Wineries and even some shops have a definite corporate feel. When it comes to their gift selection they only want to promote their brand. We get it! We want to promote our brand too. However, we are coming to realize that our brand will never be corporate if we can help it. It's just not the style for SIP.

We always want to keep a personal touch and captivate our customers with our attention to detail. We have been hand painting little thank you cards for the Buyers. Adding a personal message of appreciation. There is an art to making everyone feel seen, heard, appreciated and tended to. We are committed to doing our best to practice this art. It adds to our enjoyment too!



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